This map depicts the range boundary, defined as the areas where the species is estimated to occur at a rate of 5% or more for at least one week within each season.
This grassland bird has been seen in the most southern states of the USA. They are abundant breeders in North America, ranging from southern Canada to central Mexico. It feeds mainly on insects and spiders caught on vegetation near the ground.

Legend: = Core Habitat = Marginal Habitat. The head has a black mask with a thick white border above, black bill.

It is similar to the native Common Yellowthroat and at times, during the winter months, these …

Cuba 16.03.1996 Gundlach . ... A Common Yellowthroat in flight over Cape May Co., New Jersey (9/11/2011). A Common Yellowthroat in Harford Co., Maryland (9/16/2014). ... Use of images featured on Maryland Biodiversity Project is only permitted with express permission of the photographer. In the United States it occurs from the Pacific Northwest to the Atlantic Coast, but its distribution is spotty in the southwestern United States. Often hides in thick vegetation.

The yellowthroats are New World warblers in the genus Geothlypis.Most members of the group have localised ranges in Mexico and Central America, but the masked yellowthroat has an extensive South American distribution, while the common yellowthroat, the only migratory species in the group, breeds over much of North America. Common Yellowthroats in migration are fairly common to uncommon through the state. When and Where to Find in Washington Two subspecies of Common Yellowthroat breed in Washington; the populations are divided by the Cascade Mountains. Listen for its ringing "witchity-witchity-witchity" song in spring and summer. ... Common Yellowthroat Geothlypis trichas Range map Data ... Common Yellowthroat Geothlypis trichas. Common Yellowthroat: Small, skulking warbler with olive-yellow upperparts, bright yellow throat and breast, and pale gray belly.

Title Common Yellowthroat Range - CWHR B461 [ds1635] Publication date 2016-02-0100:00:00 Presentation formats digital map FGDC geospatial presentation format vector digital data Other citation details These are the same layers as appear in the CWHR System software. Females lack the mask and are much browner, though they usually show a hint of warm yellow at the throat. Legs are pink. Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laurel, MD. Version 97.1. Populations also occur further south in Mexico. Adult males have black masks. Winter range of the Common Yellowthroat, based on Christmas Bird Count data. Photo by . Warblers in general are very colorful and eye catching.


Identification tips for Common Yellowthroat A broad black mask lends a touch of highwayman’s mystique to the male Common Yellowthroat. Slow weak flight, alternates periods of rapid wing beats with wings pulled to sides. In winter the species is uncommon to locally common in much of the southern half of Texas, but generally rare to locally uncommon in the Trans-Pecos region (Lockwood and Freeman 2004). Common Yellowthroat - Parulidae Geothlypis trichas Home Bird Index Detail: Photo Details June 27, 2004 - North Arm of Pineview Reservoir, Utah - ©NJDavis Description . Western Hemisphere Range eBird Occurrence Map. Utah Birds, Utah Bird Photos, Bird Descriptions Locations Range Maps

The Gray-crowned Yellowthroat is found in Mexico and south into the Central American countries. Includes photos and range map.

Forages for insects, typically in shrubby, wet areas, including marshes, forest edges, and fallow fields. They are abundant breeders in North America, ranging from southern Canada to central Mexico. Distribution map for Common Yellowthroat, range. Click the map for more info.

Small warbler, olive above with intense yellow throat.
A broad black mask lends a touch of highwayman’s mystique to the male Common Yellowthroat. This skulking warbler is restricted to dense vegetation along water courses, and its song and calls are the easiest way to detect its presence. Look for these furtive, yellow-and-olive warblers skulking through tangled vegetation, often at the edges of marshes and wetlands. Gough, G.A., Sauer, J.R., Iliff, M. Patuxent Bird Identification Infocenter. BBS observers detected Common Yellowthroat on 35 routes in Texas. 5 g. Male nominate race has broad black mask from forehead back through and below eye to side of neck, bordered above and at The Common Yellowthroat’s breeding range stretches from the southeast coast of Alaska through the boreal forests and parklands of Canada. Its cup-shaped nest is placed low in a bush and is … Breeding Range Map The green area shows the predicted habitats for breeding only.The habitats were identified using 1991 satellite imagery, Breeding Bird Atlas (BBA), other datasets and experts throughout the state, as part of the Washington Gap Analysis Project.Habitats used during non-breeding months and migratory rest-stops were not mapped.

Common Yellowthroats are common hosts for parasitic Brown-headed Cowbirds, but this does not appear to be a major factor in the Northwest. Animal Diversity Web Photo, geographic range, physical characteristics, food habits, reproduction, behavior, habitat, and conservation status.

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