Indiashastra - January 17, 2020. The Sepoy mutiny of 1857, popularly known as the Revolt of 1857 was the first major attempt at overthrow of the British rule from India led by disgruntled sepoys or army jawans and later joined by various sections of the society like princes, zamindars, peasants, etc. 0. Page-58-The Causes of the Indian Revolt-Syed Ahmad Khan Bahadur-First Published-1873-Reprinted by The Book House-8,Trust Building-Urdu Bazar-P.O Box No-734-Lahore-1950. PDF; PDF 182 Causes Revolt of 1857 | Modern Indian History | By. By the first half of the 19th century, the East India Company had brought major portions of India under its control.One hundred years after the Battle of Plassey, anger against the unjust and oppressive British Government took the form of a revolt ... PDF file for Revolt of 1857. It was the most remarkable single event in the history of … THE REVOLT OF 1857 INTRODUCTION The revolt of 1857 forms one of the most important chapters in the history of the struggle of the Indian people for liberation from the British rule. he Revolt of 1857, commonly called as the Sepoy Revolt, was the first organised revolt against British rule in India. REVOLT OF 1857 Causes of the revolt of 1857 These are broadly categorized into four parts: Political causes: ... enormous wealth which he utilized in sending emissaries to different parts of the country to gather support for a revolt movement. Great Revolt of 1857 The Great Revolt of 1857 (also Indian rebellion of 1857, the Great uprising of 1857, the Great rebellion, Indian Sepoy mutiny) is regarded as India’s First War of Independence against the British rule. It shook the foundations of the British Empire in India and at some points it seemed as though the British rule would end for all time to come. Here we outline the various political and economic factors that helped cause the revolt. It was to a great extent a popular revolt led by exiled princes and displaced landlords.

The revolt of 1857 is an important marker in Indian History, and is an area where questions have repeatedly featured in the Civil Services (Prelims) and Civil Services (Mains) Examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The Revolt of 1857: Causes, Nature, Importance and Outcomes The Revolt of 1857 (Also regarded as India's First War of Independece) was an extremely important event in Indian history. It was the culmination of the manifold grievances that Indians had against the East India Company’s rule. for different reasons.

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