At least with hot takeaways you can heat up so its piping hot. You can go for Subway to eat pepperoni while pregnant if it’s steaming hot or, dried and salted so that listeria can’t breed on it.

There are essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your developing baby needs. I would loooooove subway normally not really a fan but for weeks its been on my mind. I decided on Subway, but just curious is it safe to eat there? Every body start empathise for you and give their suggestions. I researched it and as far as i'm aware its pastuerized so there should be no prob. Show less.

You can have a sub from subway. I plan on getting the melt, xtra meat, loads of mayo, and light lettuce. I decided on Subway, but just curious is it safe to eat there?

Foods to Avoid While Pregnant This Site Might Help You. And I have heard that you should not eat a lot of lunch meat when you are pregnant. Doesn't mean i dont care about my unborn child though. Everything in moderation! ... Make your own version! Ive just hit 12 weeks but cant bring myself to eat it. I eat there quite a bit and my little girl is very healthy. ... Generally should not be eaten uncooked while pregnant. Most foods are safe; however, there are certain foods to avoid when pregnant.

mmmm i love subway, dont eat it that much but will probably still eat it a couple times this pregnancy, just like last. It's a duration when you are taken up most care of.

I fancied them, and considered the risk very low. Is it safe to eat subway while pregnant? Can you eat cold pizza while pregnant? I plan on getting the melt, xtra meat, loads of mayo, and light lettuce.

The NHS says that it's safe to eat cold cured meats, such as pepperoni, Parma ham and salami, in pregnancy , as the risk of listeria bacteria is low. When you are pregnant, making safe food choices is very important. It doesn't matter. I am nearlly 4 months pregnant and eat subway mayo and my baby is very healthy.

course you can. You can toasted or not. I am confused on what I CAN eat for lunch then. You become like a queen in your family. Technically you can eat what ever you want- just be aware of the risks. Gross! Show more.

I try to only go places where they slice the meat fresh so I don't have to worry abut heating it up. The Subway near me is set out that you can see ALL the salads so if it looks like its been there a while i wont bother. This made local news for reasons that are some what inexplicable, but since it did, let’s talk about it. Cured meats have a higher risk of bacteria- but if you really want it then eat it! You’re a sandwich maker, which you clearly hate, but it’s not this pregnant woman’s fault.

I was trying to decide whether I wanted Pizza Or Subway.
(besides to heat the bacon) Would that be safe? IS it safe to eat Subway while pregnant? Listeria may be rare but while my friend in Sydney was pregnant with her first, there were 4 stillbirths caused by listeria. Show more.

But I don't want them to heat it. It doesn't taste terrible.
“I’m expecting and doctors recommend that you don’t eat deli meat unless it’s thoroughly heated,” Kassidy Small told her local news station . There is no reason a pregnant woman should be driven to tears while ordering a damn sandwich. I know I've heard no deli meat But my doc hasn't given me a straight answer on it and keeps saying you can eat whatever you want. Good luck! I've had runny eggs throughout my pregnancy even though the advice used to be not to. I wouldn't eat that muck if you paid me: Subway: 'Yoga mat' chemical almost out of bread What else is in there! However, OK to eat in small quantities if purchased in the manufacturer's original packaging and eaten immediately after opening. Is their meat ok?

So you may want to take a cautious approach and only eat a pizza topped with cured meats if it's hot and cooked through. Smalls started crying and left, because pregnant. Hi ladies just a quick question can you eat subway when pregnant as I am really craving one.

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