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All you need to do to return their love is to give them proper care which includes adequate grooming, proper nutrition, regular play, checkups by the vet, … Most of our Burmese in need of rescue or re-homing are over the age of five and more often over the age of ten. La tête, les yeux, le menton sont ronds, les pointes des oreilles et même les pieds sont arrondis. Le Burmese est tout en rondeur.

Burmese have a unique rasp to their voices and sound a bit like cats going hoarse from too much talking. Donate Now.

Le Burmese est un chat de taille moyenne, mais lorsqu’on le prend, il est beaucoup plus lourd qu’il en a l’air. The Burmese cat (Burmese: မြန်မာကြောင်, Thai: ทองแดง or ศุภลักษณ์, RTGS: Thongdaeng or Supphalak, meaning copper colour) is a breed of domestic cat, originating in Myanmar, believed to have its roots near the present Thai-Burma border and developed in the United States and Britain..

Learn more about your Ragamuffin cat and read about it's various physical characteristics and personality traits.
And some are Special Needs cats that need more care than they are currently receiving. Previous. We regularly have Burmese aged 10 to 15 that are in need of new homes in various areas of the country. Burmese cats are very prone to developing diabetes, and for this reason it is usually best to avoid steroids in this breed, as these can trigger diabetes. Inherited hypokalaemic polymyopathy ... Support International Cat Care from as little £3.

Wipe the corners of the eyes with a soft, damp cloth to remove any discharge. A bath is rarely necessary. Then they’ll reiterate the message repeatedly until you get out your universal feline/human translator and take care of whatever is troubling them.

Burmese cats are quite robust but some lines may be susceptible to diabetes mellitus. There is a genetic mutation in some Burmese cats which causes low potassium, or hypokalaemia.

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Sign Up. This leads to problems with periodic weakness. Scottish Fold Cat Breed - Facts and Personality Traits | Hill's Pet A charming cat, the Scottish Fold offers easy care and becomes comfortable with all members of the family. The Burmese cat is not actually, as many people believe, a variant of Siamese cats. Daily dental hygiene is best, but weekly brushing is better than nothing. Burmese cat character, personality, appearance, and simple care features make them an all-around family pet. British Shorthair. For more about Burmese cats and their origin, character, physical characteristics and required care, keep reading this AnimalWised breed file. However, Burmese are not as talkative as their Siamese neighbors, unless they have something important to express. Care. There is a DNA test available now and all breeding cats should be tested. Brush the teeth to prevent periodontal disease. Sign up to our monthly newsletter and free e-magazine Intelligent Cat Care .
C’est un chat trapu et relativement compact, mais il est très musclé et doté d’une Solide ossature.

The Burmese cat breed dates back to the Middle Ages, although it didn’t reach the US and Europe until this last century. The soft, short coat of the Burmese is easily cared for with weekly brushing or combing to remove dead hair and distribute skin oil.