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The Body Count legacy became the stuff of legend, until rumblings came via Ice-T’s nearly half-million strong @FINALLEVEL Twitter account that Body Count was working on new music.

Random Quote [22:01] [Undz] and what i would do if luco walked in the room now naked “D-Roc was the backbone of the Body Count sound,” Ice-T says. Members: Ice-T, Ernie C, Sean E Sean, Vincent Price, Ill Will.. Next came news of the band’s signing with Sumerian, powerhouse indie metal label with well over 1 million in catalog sales. Songs: All Love Is Lost (Feat. Body Count Biography by Stephen Thomas Erlewine + … Max Cavalera), Raining Blood & Postmortem 2017 (Slayer Medley). Albums: Body Count, Born Dead, Violent Demise: The Last Days, Murder 4 Hire, Manslaughter.. Ice-T and lead guitarist Ernie-C are the only surviving members of what has become the ironically named Body Count. Body Count is a crossover thrash band.