Browse 58 blue crane bird south africa stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. This species has entirely feathered head, and lacks the bright coloured patches of bare skin. The male Eastern Bluebird, the Indigo or Lazuli Buntings are examples of beautiful looking blue birds. Stanley-kraanvogel in vlucht; Blue Crane in flight Flock of migratory birds flying on blue sky background. They may move slowly, but Great Blue Herons can strike like lightning to grab a fish or snap up a gopher. 60 53 11. Grey Crowned Crane Bird. 1 1 1. Over a grassland Grey crowned crane flying in blue sky Flying Blue Crane. The Blue Crane, Grus paradisea, is an endangered bird specie endemic to Southern Africa. Great egrets are a little smaller than the white-phase great blue heron, but the real giveaway is the color of the legs. 15 32 2. Blue Crane: The Blue Crane is a relatively small Crane and has a pale blue-grey plumage with a white crown, pink beak, trailing wingtips (tertials) are dark-grey, and long dark legs.Both sexes are alike. It’s always fun to look and appreciate the many shapes and colours. Flying blue crane. This stately heron with its subtle blue-gray plumage often stands motionless as it scans for prey or wades belly deep with long, deliberate steps. Sandhill Crane populations are generally strong, but isolated populations in Mississippi and Cuba are endangered. 1 2 0. ... 235 Free images of Blue Crane. It didn’t look like a great blue heron, because it was an all-white bird, and great blue herons have a distinctive gray-blue color with a black band behind the eye. Birds High Fly Flying. Sandhill Crane Identification, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology These tall, gray-bodied, crimson-capped birds breed in open wetlands, fields, and prairies across North America. The cranes are some of the largest birds in North America and they have some of the widest wingspans of all the birds on the North American continent. Blue Crane Bird Crane. 3 0 0. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Crane Sky Sun. 22 34 3. Some birds are big and colourful. It is the national bird of South Africa Stanley-kraanvogel, Blue Crane, Anthropoides paradiseus. 32 30 4. 0 2 1. No need to register, buy now!

Some of the most attractive birds seen in North America fall into this category, such as bluebirds and the bunting families. It’s exciting stuff!

Blue Crane, or Heron Along with a few other Herons, this is, comparatively speaking, confined within narrow limits along our southern coast in winter. Blue Crane Grus paradisea. BIOMETRICS: Length: 110-120 cm Wingspan: 180-200 cm Weight: 4900-5300 g. DESCRIPTION: The Blue Crane is the South African’s national bird. That narrowed down the choices to an egret or a heron, although an egret is technically a type of heron. The head, neck and body are uniform bluish-grey. Whether poised at a river bend or cruising the coastline with slow, deep wingbeats, the Great Blue Heron is a majestic sight. Blue birds: the colour blue is found in many different species of birds. ... Blue Crane Bird Crane. Cranes Construction. Gruiforme Order – Gruidae Family. The one thing that’s certain is that watching birds is a great way to connect with nature and have good times outside. more information..... Black Crowned Crane: The Black Crowned Crane is similar but darker than the Grey Crowned Crane. Birds Crane Animals. 104 92 25. Others are small and brown. Another Facebook friend, Kim (who lives in Florida is a very knowledgeable wildlife watcher ), correctly identified the bird in Tavie’s photo as a great egret. Cranes Construction. Images Photos Vector graphics Illustrations Videos. Find the perfect blue crane bird stock photo. Below is a list to help identify unknown birds.

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