In 2015, backing up a bold claim that the usual players "are spending way too much money" on self-driving development, iOS hacker George Hotz founded and built a system himself. Install openpilot on an EON or comma two by entering during the installer setup. Compatible Models The EON Devkit does not ship preloaded with software capable of controlling your car. For more information about Comma’s solution or to purchase a kit that enables “ghostriding for the masses,” head over to They have just announced a hardware update and they are calling the new device “Comma Two“. Make driving chill. From comma wiki. Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Technology Discussion' started by Killian, Feb 28, 2018.

Please join the community Discord and inquire about your specific vehicle. Earlier this week, George Hotz, founder and former CEO of, became the Head of Research Team and promoted me, Riccardo Biasini, from VP of Quality to CEO. To chat about Kia's with the community, checkout the # channel in the Comma Slack.. Jump to: navigation, search. See your recorded drives in explorer, cabana (when drives are recorded with panda), and in our comma connect app which is available for iOS and Android. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with anything purchased at the shop, ship it back within 30 days for a full refund. Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. Open source software can be installed separately. Anyone heard of comma-ai? The goal is to always support as many vehicles as possible. Orders are fulfilled on Monday and Thursday (and picked up the following day). Note: openpilot features an automatic pose calibration routine and openpilot performance should not be affected by small pitch and yaw misalignments caused by imprecise device mounting. One month later, open sourced their self-driving car software called openpilot on November 30, 2016, emphasizing its intended use for research without any warranty.'s Openpilot is open-source, Level 2, partial-automation, affordable add-on hardware. As I’ve mentioned on this site before, has been working on self-driving software (open source) to allow for people to connect hardware onto their current vehicle to give it self-driving capabilities. This plug-and-play system can give many late-model vehicles advanced adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping technology. Neither Hotz nor is claiming Openpilot offers fully autonomous capability. Any Hyundai, KIA, or Genesis vehicle that has LKAS (Lane Keep Assist) and some that have LDWS only (Lane departure warning system) as well as select other vehicles are supported by a Openpilot community fork. What's in the box? CAN bus analysis is what allows you to make sense of all the sensors and signals in your car. The new hardware is $999. Please reach out to for return instructions.

We hit the road with's assisted-driving tech at CES 2020. responded in a tweet from Shenzhen, China announcing the cancellation of the comma one. Follow their code on GitHub. Openpilot is compatible with some Kia model(s) so feel free to browse the support pages for these models below for additional specifics. It now […] Comma AI's latest piece of hardware is the EON dash cam developer kit.The $700 piece of hardware is a camera that also runs apps you'd use while driving, like Spotify and Waze. Contents. Kia. ( has raised $8.1 million in venture capital to date across two funding rounds, the most recent of which closed in April 2018.)

Follow these video instructions to properly mount the device on the windshield. has 78 repositories available. cabana: CAN analysis tool. Free US shipping in a week, $30 flat rate internationally.