Some were successes, others disasters, and all were marked by massive bloodshed. General Ioannou, Commander of the Smyrna Corps, entering Axar [Akhisar] in the morning after its fall, June 1920. Greek soldiers and schoolchildren parading in Panormos [Bandırma], June 1920. (N. E. of R. R.); Hardee’s, at center; Hood’s on left, near Ruff’s Mill, Nickajack Cr. The Crusades, Christian Europe’s attempt to drive back other nations and religions, were among the most ambitious and badly thought out campaigns in military history. BATTLE OF SMYRNA. Gen. J. E. Johnston’s army [CS] withdrew from Kennesaw Mtn.

About Historical Marker Project Historical Marker Project We are building the largest online collection of historical markers, along with other markers that represent significant events, people, places, and more, but we can't do it without your help. The Battle of Smyrna, 1864 Photo by Mark Dolan, June 2010 Overnight on July 2-3, 1864, Confederate Gen. Joseph Johnston's Army of Tennessee, victorious in the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain on June 27th, withdrew to a temporary position at Smyrna Camp Ground * in Cobb County, 6 miles south of Marietta and 10 miles north of Atlanta. Though they were shaped by far more than battles, those battles can help us define and understand the crusades. & occupied a double line of field-works which crossed the R. R. at old Smyrna Camp Ground, facing N. W. Loring’s A. C. was on the rt.

The 4th A. July 4. The Siege of Smyrna (December 1402) was fought between the Knights of Rhodes, who held the harbour and sea-castle of Smyrna (now İzmir) in western Anatolia, and the army of the Turco-Mongol emir Timur. July 3, 1864. The regular Turkish army confronts the Greeks for the first time at Kovalica/İnönü, January 1920.

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