The common names French Angelfish and French Angel are the two that people are most familiar with, but this Caribbean angelfish is also known as Paru and Indian Fish. Like many large Angelfish their appearance will change dramatically from the juvenile to adult stage. It is larger, deeper, and flatter than the common species, P. scalare, and all of the cross-bred mutations. The best food for baby angelfish is BBS, or Baby Brine Shrimp, which can be easily cultivated at home. The baby angelfish (known as fry) remain attached to the eggs for another week and feed off the remaining yolk in the egg sack. The Queen Angelfish, Holocanthus ciliaris, has a vibrant yellow body with light blue speckling and electric blue highlights around the face and edging the fins. Pterophyllum altum, more simply known as the altum angelfish, is not commonly seen in the aquarium trade. Like all young fish, baby angelfish need live foods. This angelfish inhabits shallow reefs, lagoons, reef flats, coral heads, and invertebrate encrusted pier pilings. Altum angelfish are more sensitive to changes in … Both registration and sign in support using google and facebook Beginning of a dialog window, including tabbed navigation to register an account or sign in to an existing account. It is at this stage that the baby angelfish begin feeding from nutrients in the water and on plants. When they are bigger at a week old, the angelfish fry detach from their eggs and become free swimming.

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