If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise, but this ain't no picnic. For Alan Wake on the Xbox 360, a reader review titled "Inventive and compelling horror adventure. Not much was known back then other than it was being made by Remedy, the team behind the Max Payne games, and was a Stephen King-esque psychological thriller. First announced in 2005, this "psychological action thriller" was originally in development for the Xbox 360 and PC.

I just wish the gameplay could keep up with the story and presentation". His wife decides to drag Alan along for a vacation to Bright Falls, Wash. in the hopes that the new setting will get him out of his funk. Alan Wake has been in development for a bloody long time.

By Jon Blyth 06 April 2012.

... Alan Wake is a writer of metaphors as weak and overwrought as that. Like King, the game’s titular character is a novelist. Alan Wake is the creation of Finnish developers Remedy, best-known for their superlative work on the first two Max Payne games. Alan Wake is a return to the terrifying ways of the genre's past, with the setting, enemies and storyline working in tandem to create a truly unnerving experience. Alan Wake review.

Alan Wake is a game with a long, long history. Alan Wake Review Written Wednesday, May 05, 2010 By Dan Webb (GT: Webb x360a) How Remedy got from a stunning play-on-words-name like Max Payne to Alan Wake, I’ll never know. At E3 2005, Finnish developer Remedy (of Max Payne fame) pulled me aside for a behind-closed-doors view of a freshly-announced title called Alan Wake. Stunning visuals, day and night cycles, and very realistic lighting […] Alan Wake (the hero, not the game) writes novels. Alan Wake Review Alan Wake is a stunning action game, and still a superbly scripted adventure. Inspired by the likes of Stephen King, Alan has a few best-sellers to his name, but has recently fallen victim to writer’s block. STORY - 8/10
As the release date neared, anyone watching the new footage saw that Alan Wake was, in fact, fighting all sorts of things that were controlled by the darkness. Now, the release of Alan Wake promised a lot, so I'd like to review this game and present my opinion on what it actually delivered. Announced way back in 2005, I remember reading previews of it before the Xbox 360 was even released. Remedy's Alan Wake, an oft-delayed but critically acclaimed Xbox 360 exclusive, is getting a re-release on the PC--complete with all of the DLC
While there was little in the way of actual gameplay, the technology they showcased was beyond anything I’d seen to date. Like the Max Payne games, Alan Wake is strongly based around a central protagonist and emphasises his character development throughout the game, giving the player more of a connection to their character and his fate. Alan Wake (XBOX 360) The story in question owes a lot to Steven King, going so far as to reference the writer in the opening narration.