Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa Soundtrack List – Movie (2013) – Tracklist – OST List – Listen to Original Score, Theme Music from the Motion Picture, film score l Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa Movie (2013) Soundtrack Lyrics List - Original Music from the Motion Picture. Movie: Alan Partridge: The Movie (Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa) (2014) info with movie soundtracks, credited songs, film score albums, reviews, news, and more. Alan Partridge 'Alpha Papa': The Original Movie Soundtrack is out 5 August Alan Partridge Thu 1 Aug 2013 10.09 EDT First published on Thu 1 Aug 2013 10.09 EDT Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (Original Movie Soundtrack) Various Artists Soundtrack ... Alan Partridge, Martin Coogan & Simon Partridge 0:15: 28 Let's Stick Together Bryan Ferry 2:57: ... (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) [2004 Remaster] About Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa [The Original Movie Soundtrack] This Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa [The Original Movie Soundtrack] album was released in 2013 and featured titles like Roxanne, Cuddly Toy and Couldn't Get It Right from The Police, Roachford and Climax Blues Band. The soundtrack to Alpha Papa is packed with exactly the kind of forgotten hit single that lived in the playlists of local radio ... A Norfolk radio presenter's view on Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. Alan Partridge - Alpha Papa is the soundtrack to the film of the same name; a comedy about a Norwich-based radio DJ with no sense of self-awareness and an inflated sense of self-importance, played by Steve Coogan and made famous through a number of TV series which first began in 1997. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (released as Alan Partridge in the United States) is a 2013 British action comedy film starring Steve Coogan reprising his role as Alan Partridge, a fictional presenter he has played on various BBC radio and television shows since 1991, and Colm Meaney as Pat Farrell. Find out what are all the songs in Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa Movie (2013) and who sings them.