Great Blue Heron. African Hoopoe, Arusha National Park Secretary Bird, Serengeti National Park Long-Crested Eagle, Ngorongoro Conservation Area Grey Crowned Crane, Lake Manyara National Park Black-Bellied Bustard, Mikumi National Park Brown-Breasted Barbet, Dar es Salaam Malachite Kingfisher, Selous Game Reserve African White-Backed Vulture, Selous Game Reserve Purple Sandpiper.

Peregrine Falcon. Available for everyone. Red-tailed Hawk. Not sure of a bird's name? Featured Bird Purple Sandpiper.

Welcome to Our Bird Guide ID help and life history info for 600+ North American species. Search Greater white-fronted goose , Anser albifrons. Snow goose , Anser caerulescens (V) Graylag goose , Anser anser. Get Instant ID Help. Ontdek is not just a birdwatching tour operator - the … Fulvous whistling-duck , Dendrocygna bicolor. Get the html code; select code. Northern Flicker. The African bird photo gallery is an ongoing project and reflects Ontdek's 13 years of birding experience in Kenya. Eastern Screech-Owl. African birds pictures and names for easy online birds species identification from Ontdek Kenya, the leader of genuine bird watching holidays in Kenya. A more sophisticated approach to finding a bird with specific field marks is to use the Step by Step Search . Online bird identification is not another field skill that is being pushed to an instant online game. Guide to Africa; Link to this page. Typically they are found on Africas savanna and desert lands north and south of the Sahara. All About Birds is a free resource. Browsing is a valuable way to learn about birds, however it is a brute force approach and not designed for identification. The birds species in these pages are among the common birds found in Kenya. Parent page. Ducks, geese, and waterfowl [ edit ] White-faced whistling-duck , Dendrocygna viduata. Popular Species. Northern Cardinal.

Bird Guide Search. A selection of photographs and images of African bird species. White-backed duck , Thalassornis leuconotus. Calidris maritima. The worlds largest living bird is found in Africa the Ostrich (view photos) (Struthio camelus) and can be up to 2.7m tall and weighing up to 145Kg. Photographs of African Bird Species. Guide to North American Birds. PURSAN_1.calls_CANms_1.mp3; Photo: Bill Dix/Audubon Photography Awards.