We provide such hunting in Belarus and Russia.

We have 6 different camps with possibility to accommodate up to 20 hunters at a time. Taxonomy.

October 20th Destination airport: Ekaterinburg or Tyumen Euro 1,850.- per hunter, from 3 hunters in the group - 7-8 tra Trophy size is unbelievable compared to the European roe deer, as the Siberian roe deer can grow antlers of over 1000 grams! HUNTING ON SIBERIAN ROE DEER BUCK IN THE KURGAN AREA Hunting season: August 25th - September 20th and October 1st - approx. LOCATION: Northern Altai. Skull length 8-1/2 to 10 inches (215-253 cm). Body length of males 48-59 inches (123-151 cm), average 53 inches (134 cm); shoulder height of males 33-39 inches (85-100 cm), average 35 inches (90 cm). SIBERIAN ROE DEER HUNTING IN RUSSIA Region: Kurgan region (near Chelyabinsk & Yekaterinburg, by the northern border with Kazakhstan).
In Kazakhstan lives Siberian roe deer. Trophy Siberian roe deer hunt in Altai region of Russia.

In search of Siberia’s monster bucks with one of the most experienced trophy hunters in Denmark.
HUNTING ON SIBERIAN ROE DEER BUCK IN THE KURGAN AREA Hunting season: August 25th - September 20th and October 1st - approx.

The Siberian species can be found across central Asia and in the Caucasus Mountains and weighs up to 59 kg (130 lb). COST OF HUNT (from Barnaul or Abakan): Includes visa support, gun permit, meeting at the airport, ground transfers, license, …

The big size of the hunting areas makes the use of terrain cars necessary. DATES: August 5 – November 30. It has larger antlers with more branches than those of European roe deer.

The principal range of the Siberian roe deer lies in Asia, from the eastern foot of the Urals to the Pacific Ocean. We have explored every major region in depth and offer our customers tested, proven hunts for all important species found in this enormous land. The Siberian roe deer was once considered by some as the same species as the European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), but it is now considered to be separate. GROUP SIZE: 2-4. Autumn season: October 01-31. Hunting base camps (there are 4 of them) are located 200-480 km away from Yekaterinburg.

Siberian roe deer is a close relative of European roe. The best time for the european roe - End of Julay - rut period. Siberian roe deer hunting is very popular in Russia.

The Hunting Consortium has developed hunting programs from one end of Siberia to the other. Weight of males up to 130 pounds (59 kg). There are no high seats or any kind like this. Linkedin .

Asiatic Roe Deer. Hunting area is easy. Accommodation: The camps are comfortable hunting lodges, motels or cabins based on double occupancy.

DURATION OF HUNT: 5 hunting days (7-8 days from Moscow) HUNTING METHOD: Stalking, calling. DATES: August 5 – November 30 . Stalking Siberian roe deer in Russia including 4 practical tips. Rut season: August 25 - September 16 (trophy limit up to 2 animals). Subspecies: Two subspecies: 1.

The hunt for Siberian roe deer is carried out only on 1/1 – each client with his guide, a driver and terrain car.

Sibirian Roe Deer (Capreolus p. pygargus): Russia: From Ural to southern Siberia, northern Altai and Tienshan, … ACCOMMODATIONS: Tent camps, cabins.

The Siberian Roe Deer hunting in Kurgan region The region: Kurgan The hunting period: 23rd of August - 21st of September, 01st - 25th of October The number of hunters: 1-6 men in a group The tour duration: from/to Ekaterinburg (direct Flight from Frankfurt) 8 days, hunting - 6 days Read more The Siberian Roe Deer hunting in Altay The region: Gorno-

Home » Hunting Trip Inspiration » Stalking Siberian roe deer in Russia including 4 practical tips. Another advantage of hunting in October is the ability to combine hunting for Siberian roe deer with more efficient boar and moose hunting. Siberian Roe Deer. (EN) Hunting season:August 25 - October 20.


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