The Rough Collie is among the oldest breeds of any list of herding dogs, and they hail from Scotland and England. The Herding Dogs Breeds.

But, they continue to make excellent pets. Herding dog types are medium to large in size.

Still used to control large flocks of sheep (or herds of cattle), they are popular as a … Pictures of Herding breeds of dogs are also available here As the name suggests, herding dog breeds help move livestock such as sheep, goats, or cattle. All the dogs in the herding group have the instinctual ability and drive to control the movements of other animals.

Many would worked independently, but others worked in close harmony with their keepers, developing the close relationship between man and dog.

Herding Breeds are energetic and intelligent dogs.

Herding dogs in particular, find training as fun stimulus to keep them and their minds active, so what you see as teaching lessons, they see as fun.

Dog Breed Information: Each of the herding dog types was developed for the unique region where they worked, with some being quite adept at gathering strays from rugged terrain.

A fluffy Old English sheepdog will need much more work than a short-haired dog.

Still used to control large flocks of sheep (or herds of cattle), they are popular as a loving family dog in households that are very active. The American Herding Breed Association was founded in 1986 in response to the increasing interest in herding activities by owners of a wide variety of breeds. They are also famous for being featured in the Lassie movies and TV shows. A complete list of every breed in the United Kennel Club Herding Dog to include breed history, specifications, health issues and … Collies weigh between 50 and 75 pounds and have a graceful, athletic body with a long, flat tapered head. These dogs can make great pets. As people move away from owning farms and livestock, the need for the skills of the herding dogs has dwindled. The AHBA was set up to help provide information in response to inquiries from those interested in herding and the herding breeds. The focus of the AHBA program is on practical herding work. Until 1983, dog breeds in this category were part of the working group. Herding Dog Breeds: Information about the different breeds of Herding dogs is provided here.

Grooming requirements are specific to each dog breed. View our list of herding dog information and pictures below. They come in black, blue, merle, sable and white. The most popular herding dog breeds include the German Shepherd, and Border Collie. All about the United Kennel Club (UKC) Herding Dog.

Herding Dog Breeds With a serious talent for moving other animals around, the herding dog breed group is reliable, protective and quick to learn.

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