Gecko Care – feeding a pet gecko. You take the powder and mix it with two parts of water and then feed it to the geckos three times a week. Recommended Crested Gecko Diets:

0 comments. Feed mealworms and dubias before crickets. In fact, if you are feeding the Crested Gecko Diet, which is a Meal Replacement Powder, you do not need to feed insects because it … Will reach adult size in 9 to 12 months, under ideal conditions; upgrade habitat size as your reptile grows. This routine will give your baby cresties that extra boost to being a healthy adult animal. Sort by. Wait until your baby crested geckos are around 1 month old before feeding any insects. Crested geckos are mostly tame but can be timid when being touched, so be sure to handle them with care. These diets come as a powder that just needs to be mixed with water to a consistency somewhere between melted ice cream and ketchup. Every time any animal eats an amount of phosphorus, they need an equal amount of calcium to process that. share. no comments yet. Crested Gecko feeding schedule: how many times a week should I feed my crested gecko? During feeding, make sure any remaining food is removed before adding new food. The majority of people just think that Gecko will only eat crickets and that’s what they’re going to eat. 432. The first thing to consider is appropriate husbandry: good food, correct amount of space, proper heat and humidity, following quarantine protocol, etc.Then you want to make sure whether or not your gecko IS eating before you make any changes.

Crested geckos are among the largest gecko species and typically range from 6–10 inches (15–25 cm) in length, including 4–6 inches (10–15 cm) of tail length. So, before you go feeding your crested gecko a piece of fruit you’ll need to learn a little bit more about: the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio (Ca:P ratio) the level of oxalic acid; The calcium to phosphorus ratio Crested geckos feeding on a good balanced diet are less prone to health issues and are more active, the right crested gecko feeding regime can mean the difference between a healthy, happy crestie and a crestie with very serious issues and health problems – take a look at our crested gecko health guide for more in-depth information. Insects are the most abundant foods found in their natural habitat.

Juvenile Crested geckos will be fed small mealworms, 3/8” crickets, and a small amount of a wet Crested Gecko diet (about a 1/4 teaspoon). The crested gecko diet needs to be well-balanced to provide your crested gecko with the right nutrients so he or she stays healthy. A big reason crested geckos are so popular is their ease of feeding with modern diets from companies like Pangea, Repashy, and Zoo Med. Make sure you gutload and dust your insects before any feeding. Picture/Video. More posts from the geckos community. Geckos that are over a year old, on the other hand, need fewer calories to thrive, so they should be fed every 3-4 days. Be the first to share what you think! One of the most common problems that new crested gecko owners encounter is getting their geckos to eat. Crested gecko feeding should always be done at night, as this is when they are fully awake and alert. Feeding Worms to Your Crested Gecko Alive or dead? It’s possible that your crested gecko won’t eat these because they aren’t alive. Feed them the CGD for a balanced meal, add crickets so they can exercise their hunting skills and add variety with mashed fruit. Another thing that is very important to mention, is that while Crested Geckos do eat insects, they are not the major part of the diet. To summarize, feed one of the proven crested gecko diets.

save hide report. Keep in mind that when they are stressed, crested geckos may drop their tails and – unlike other reptiles – they are not able to grow them back. You obviously can’t gut-load them as they’re not alive but you can still dust them. Is there anything I did wrong?

If you find that your gecko is ignoring insects that you place in its cage, you may be feeding it too often or too much.

Posted by 5 days ago. Geckos 6-12 months of age can be fed every other day. Crested Gecko Feeding One of the most common overlooked sections of other crested gecko guides out there on the internet is that a lot of them don’t cover a lot on feeding. best.

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