The Battle of Mantinea, in 418 BC, was fought between the Spartans and their allies against the armies of Athens, Argos and their allies during the Peloponnesian War (which began in 431 BC and ended in a truce in 422 BC). The great Battle of Mantinea (also called “Second Mantinea” to distinguish it from the events of 418) was a technical victory for Thebes in the strictly military sense, but (as Xenophon noted) it was actually indecisive: Epaminondas’s death permanently crushed Theban hopes of leadership in Greece. The truce did not solve the basic problems that caused the war and was … Continue reading First Battle of Mantinea, 418 – Peloponnesian War The Battle of Mantinea was fought on July 4 362 BC between the Thebans, led by Epaminondas and supported by the Arcadians and the Boeotian league against the Spartans, led by King Agesilaus II and supported by the Eleans, Athenians, and Mantineans.The battle was to determine which of the two alliances would have hegemony over Greece.

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