The common name of the hamster is Roborovski hamsters, the Robos or desert hamsters. d £30 For Sale. Roborovski dwarf hamsters are the smallest dwarf hamsters - but they’re also the fastest! The Chinese dwarf hamster is different from other dwarf hamsters! This advert is located in and around. These social little creatures differ from their larger, more territorial, cousins, thriving in pairs or small groups as opposed to living alone. Can come with starter bedding and food for an extra £5, Favourite this Advert. The Chinese dwarf hamster’s special features include a love of climbing and a stripe down its back. Dwarf hamsters are fun, cute, and interesting little animals that make great pets. They are available in many different colours, but were first well known for being the golden hamster colour. Asiatic dwarf hamsters: Scientific name: Phodopus sungorus: Size: 3.5-4 in (9-11 cm) Color: Gray, dark brown; dark dorsal stripe down the back: Lifespan: 1.5-2.5 years: Personality : Docile, quiet, easily tamed, curious, friendly: How to keep them: Separately: Profile. They are easy to look after and inexpensive, making them a popular choice within the small animal owner’s community. Chinese hamsters are sometimes referred to as dwarf hamsters, but they don't fall within this category. Keeping your dwarf hamsters healthy and happy should be your top priority, so here are 10 of the best tips to help you on your way: Asiatic dwarf hamsters: Scientific name: Phodopus roborovskii: Size: 1.7-2 in (4.5-5 cm) Color: Sand colors; white spot over the eyes; no dorsal stripe : Lifespan: 1.5-2.5 years: Personality: Doesn’t like climbing, very active, fast, demanding, picky: How to keep them: Separately: Profile.

Our Top Three Dwarf Hamster Cages. They are tamed, as they were used to be hold since born.

The winter white dwarf hamster is a unique dwarf hamster with a magically fluffy, white winter coat! While it might be difficult to say exactly what the best dwarf hamster cage is, we’ll save you some time and show you three of our favorites. It’s not an Asiatic dwarf hamster (genus phodopus) like the Campbell, winter white and Roborowski, rather a cricetulus. Favola Hamster Cage. Dwarf Hamster Facts; Dwarf Hamster. Facts about Dwarf Hamsters explain about the smallest species of hamster. During the birth, it has the length of 0.8 inch or 2 cm. In ‘The Best Dwarf Hamster Cages’ we’ll look at some great options for your dwarf hamster’s home. There are two types of dwarf hamster that are commonly kept as pets - Russian and Roborovski.

male dwarf hamster tame. Baby Roborovski dwarf hamsters available for £10. Immingham, Ne Lincolnshire. Syrian hamsters (also known as golden hamsters) make great pets for children and adults. The term "dwarf hamsters" refers to several tiny species of hamsters suitable for a first pet or classroom environment. However, we have included them in this fact file. They can all make fantastic pets - use this fact file to see if they are right for you. It has the biological name of Phodopus roborovskii. At the very least, we’ll give you some great dwarf hamster cage ideas. Body and Weight . In the past, it is called Cricetulus bedfordiae. The Chinese dwarf hamster is considerably thinner than other dwarf hamsters.